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Citadelle Gin Review

Citadelle Gin is produced in Cognac in France using a recipe dating back to around 1771. This current version has been in production since 1989 and is a quadruple distilled London Gin. It… Continue reading

Hendrick’s Gin Review

Hendrick’s Gin is produced by William Grant and Sons Ltd in Scotland and is expertly marketed as a “most unusual” Premium Gin. Launched in the US in 2000 and the UK in 2003,… Continue reading

Tann’s Gin Review

Tann’s Gin is produced in Spain and marketed as a Premium Gin. Launched in 1977, the gin used to have a pronounced juniper taste according to their website. As times and tastes have… Continue reading

Tanqueray Export Strength Review

Tanqueray is one of the oldest brands of gin and certainly one of the most respected. It is held up as the standard against which other gins should be judged. Found in most… Continue reading