Fentiman’s and Bloom Gin & Tonic

Bloom Gin recently announced the release of a new ready mixed Gin and Tonic in collaboration with Fentiman’s.

Presented in a standard Fentiman’s botanically brewed style bottle, the label is strikingly enticing and proudly boasts of a perfect cocktail mixed from Fentiman’s Tonic Water and Bloom Premium London Dry Gin.

We picked up a couple of bottles from our local Sainsbury store for £3.99 a bottle. Each one contains 275ml of G&T so you are getting a fair amount for your money.

The bottle has a metal screw top lid. Upon opening there was a satisfying fizz and the aroma from the bottle was delightfully floral.

So how does it taste?

Surprisingly good. I say surprising because pre-mixed drinks can be very hit and miss. Admittedly it would be the same as going to a bar and ordering a Bloom and Fentiman’s, however our experience of pre-mixed in the past has leaned more towards the unsatisfied end of the spectrum. Not so with Fentiman’s and Bloom.

The drink is refreshing and crisp though definitely floral.

Our only criticism is that this will clearly only be enjoyed by people who also like Fentiman’s Tonic (our personal choice has been Fever Tree as we find it less obtrusive on the actual gin). That said, anyone making a pre-mixed drink will always face the issue of not pleasing everyone with their choice of mixer.

Overall this is a very good quality drink and we certainly felt it was money well spent.

Do we recommend it to you? Yes we do. Would we buy it again? Yes we would.

Marks out of ten for:

TASTE: 7+/10 We struggled with a fair assessment as people that don’t like Fentiman’s or a floral gin will not enjoy this drink. For those that do 7/10 is a minimum score. Our advice is go out and try it for yourself; at £3.99 you can’t really go wrong.

PRICE: 8/10 A very good price for a G&T in anyone’s book.

AVAILABILITY: 8/10 As far as we know this is currently only available via Sainsbury stores (please comment if this is inaccurate); however, with a Sainsbury accessible to so many people availability is still high.