Tanqueray Export Strength Review

Tanqueray is one of the oldest brands of gin and certainly one of the most respected. It is held up as the standard against which other gins should be judged.

Found in most respectable bars across the world it is often a house gin. Part of that is due to the fact that you can pick up a bottle relatively cheaply; the other is that it is very easy to drink.

Made from a recipe dating as far back as 1830 Tanqueray admit to using just four botanicals to make both their Export Strength gin (at 43.1% ABV) and their stronger Special Dry gin (at 47.3% ABV). These are juniper, coriander seeds, angelica root and liquorice root. (Their No 10 gin uses additional botanicals and will be covered in a separate review).

As mentioned the ABV is 43.1% but when smelling and tasting the gin you could be forgiven for thinking it is lower. Any hit from the alcohol is quite subtle and you could drink a few of these without realising it.

The bottle itself is a wonderful green cocktail shaker shaped affair with a metal screw top lid (Tanqueray sometimes release limited edition bottles in silver to resemble a shaker and they look quite fetching). You can spot a bottle behind the bar from quite a few paces; not just the shape and colour but the red seal on it as well. It really is a distinctive bottle.

The aroma from the bottle is that of a pleasant gin (and it definitely is gin). Juniper is present but not overpowering, as is the alcohol.

Tasting the gin is interesting. I always detect a citrus note with Tanqueray, and often it is orange. I have read other reviews that mention lemon, even lime but to me it is a definite orange taste. Whatever the case, it is pleasant and one that I thoroughly enjoy.

On the mixer front, this gin goes exceptionally well with Fever Tree. Given a choice I would go with their Mediterranean Tonic, which adds an extra dimension to the drink, not least of which is a beautiful yet light Turkish Delight aroma and aftertaste which is subtle yet wonderful.

This gin is easily one of my favourites, and one that I will buy on a regular basis. Thankfully most UK supermarkets offer regular deals on a bottle such as Waitrose who are currently selling a 1-litre bottle for £20. At that price you really do have to take advantage and stock up.

There are other varieties of Tanqueray available and I will review No 10 and Rangpur separately as they are different gins.

Marks out of ten for

Taste 9/10 – Smooth and well balanced with a definite citrus aftertaste.

Price 9/10 – Special offers can normally be found if you shop around, enabling you to pick up a bottle for around £20 for a litre bottle.

Availability 9/10 – Served in most bars and available from most supermarkets and off-licences.